38 Special Minimized Recoil 110 Grain


Minimized recoil 38 special practice ammunition. 50 Cartridges per box.

Do you, or someone you know, not get enough practice with your 38 special because the recoil is too painful with your lightweight snubnose?

We use lightweight bullets over a light charge of powder to tame the bite of a 38 special and make it pleasant shooting even in the lightest exotic snubnose revolvers. Because of its low power, this ammunition has greatly reduced stopping power and is not recommended for self defense. It is, however, perfect for practice and still shoots close to point of aim in our tests. This ammunition is not just reduced recoil, but it is minimized recoil. We feel we have reduced the recoil about as low as it can be reduced, and still shoot well.

Give it a try, and enjoy shooting!

To minimize cost, we use mixed, used cases.

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